VIVA AUTO (de-flicker, de-grain, de-dust, stabilization and color correction) and VIVA LITE (manual retouch and stabilization) are free for download and usage. After applying VIVA AUTO, you get restored images in a special format which can be read only with VIVA software with logo “VIVA”. You are free to do as many experiments for your video enhancement as you wish. However, if you like the results, you send a fingerprint of the footage at [email protected] that you want to release and pay for it as specified in the price chart below (via PayPal).
After payment you get back the decoding file and release the footage in appropriate standard format. Afterwards the customer may use free VIVA LITE for manual retouch, stabilization, and final rendering.

Prices for final (logo-free) results obtained by VIVA AUTO (in US dollars):

SD footage $0.002 per frame
HD footage $0.004 per frame
for 2K or higher please contact us.

*minimum purchase: $10

Please contact Galileo Digital for VIVA Pro unlimited versions