VIVA Meets Big Film Archives

The Library of Congress has licensed Algosoft’s Viva All films deserve to be restored – not just famous ones. We believe, Viva technology is tailored for quality non-judgmental film/video restoration….

KOFA purchased VivaPro

Algosoft Tech, a leading supplier of automatic software solutions for the film and video industries, announces that the Korean Film Archive (KOFA) purchased VivaPro software recently and has begun using…

New One Button – One Pass Restoration

A year ago, we demonstrated a major breakthrough that enabled our image processing algorithms to do the fine-tuning themselves, and completely automatically. In most cases, those advanced reduced complicated digital…

Deep Learning Meets Big Film Archives at The Reel Thing

Find out how the new ALGOSOFT Technology was presented at The Reel Thing 2017, in Los Angeles, August 24-26, from ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY CENTER: Full version of the presentation:

NBC Universal Partnership

We are proud to announce that NBC Universal started Viva licence partnership from June 2016.