New Post-Production Tools for Backlight Flicker Removal

Flicker happens both in the old cinema and in the era of modern cameras. Viva easily eliminates flicker on old films. But when the flicker can be caused by certain combinations of unsynchronized light sources, electricity and cameras, so called “backlight flicker”, which are usually used for recording concerts or slow motion, then there are problems in post-production to remove it, especially on the complex motion of objects. Deflicker is also widely used in post-production. But sometimes light artifacts appear on complex shots, such as details gone or smeared texture on moving objects.

Algosoft has developed a unique addition to the de-flicker that allows to remove the backlight flicker completely and absolutely automatically. And most importantly, the final result is artifact free. It means that it does not contain any shadows, “healthy” pixels are not affected even with very complex movements, and the texture on moving objects is not smeared.