Temporal Frame Interpolation/Extrapolation, Missed frames generating, Splices/Big dirt removal in VIVA

In Viva, we introduce new features based on a new AI-based algorithm for generating an interpolation frame (an intermediate frame located in the middle of the time interval between 2 frames):

1. Generating intermediate frames for a sequence of frames producing a new sequence
which can be used either for the effect of “slow motion” or for double frame rate playback.
This tool is unavailable in VivaAuto/Lite.
2 Filling gaps in the frame sequence by generating the missing frames.
3. New manual retouch by generating replacement of segments with damage (dirt, dust, splices, tears) from adjacent frames.
In many cases, especially for large dirt spots, this tool is much more efficient than the old manual dedust tool from both points of view: the quality and ease of use.