Professional enthusiasts share their recent restorations with VIVA

Viva software automation allows not only studios to carry out large prestigious restoration projects,
but also professional people.

We are proud to present such passionate professionals and their recent restoration work done with Viva:

Gerhard Bauer, Professor of Hematology / Oncology, School of Medicine, University of California, Davis
restored a unique nitrate print of a 1940s short musical:

Bart Santello, Digital Filmmaker, Psychotropic Films LLC restores The Trail To Yesterday (1918),
a once lost silent era movie filmed in Arivaca, Arizona:

Joe Harvat, IT Data archivist, Cincinnati restored a nice copy of Lost and Won (1917) from the Library of Congress (LOC).
Using Viva, Joe has done beautiful restoration of this forgotten legend with the adorable Marie Doro and has received a lot of great feedback from
Kickstarter supporters.