Meet Our Advanced Scratch AI Algorithm

Building on the success of our Total Clean AI and Scratch&Dust AI, which were designed to combat dust-related issues, Scratch AI takes film restoration to a whole new level by focusing on eliminating scratches while minimizing artifacts.

Key Features of Scratch AI:

 Scratch Detection and Removal: Our specialized algorithm meticulously targets a variety of vertical scratches, whether they’re light, dark, green, colored, or more, ensuring your video footage maintains its pristine quality.

 Artifact Avoidance: With Scratch AI, you can expect minimal artifacts and grain preservation without compromise. Say goodbye to unwanted distortions and hello to crystal-clear visuals.

 Full Control and Flexibility: Experiment with parameters and enjoy the freedom to seamlessly undo and redo adjustments. With Scratch AI, you’re in the driver’s seat, ensuring you achieve your desired results with confidence.

Seamless Integration with Viva Modes:

Whether your footage requires addressing scratches, flicker, dirt, or noise, Scratch AI works in perfect harmony with ComboFilter (CF), Deflicker, and any other Viva modes you utilize. Enhance your videos effortlessly while maintaining consistency across your editing workflow.

Get Started with Scratch AI Today:

Simply download the update and experience the enhanced video quality for yourself.

But what if you’re not equipped with the appropriate hardware? Visit our online restoration service at It’s your gateway to the power of Scratch & Dust AI without the need for fancy hardware upgrades.

Whether you’re restoring old archival footage or refining newly captured material with scratches, Scratch AI is your trusted companion in achieving flawless results.