Meet Our Advanced Scratch AI Algorithm

Building on the success of our Total Clean AI and Scratch&Dust AI, which were designed to combat dust-related issues, Scratch AI takes film restoration to a whole new level by focusing on eliminating scratches while minimizing artifacts. Key Features of Scratch AI:  Scratch Detection and Removal: Our specialized algorithm meticulously targets a variety of vertical […]

Exciting News: Introducing Viva Release with Scratch & Dust AI Algorithm!

We’re thrilled to share the latest breakthrough in video enhancement technology with you – the brand new Viva Release featuring the revolutionary Scratch & Dust AI algorithm! Building on the success of our Total Clean AI, which was designed to combat extensive dust issues, Scratch & Dust AI takes video restoration to the next level. […]

How Recent ‘AI’ Breakthroughs Are Transforming Moving Image Restoration

Two years ago we presented the early results of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to image restoration. We showed the results that preliminary forms of AI could deliver in automatically detecting and removing scratches. Since then, there has been steady stream of major breakthroughs in AI that have enabled some truly transformational new capabilities […]